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graphics for the masses

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Ewanism Graphics
12 January
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I'm Aeryn, I'm a 21y/o girl, and I live in Pretoria, South Africa. I train horses for a living. I like coffee, tv, cigarettes, mangoes, pie, bunnies, and Ewan McGregor.

-please credit if you take my graphics
-please comment also! but only once ;)
-all graphics here are free, and requests are welcome
-feel free to friend this journal
-any problems? questions? rants? email me:
s-nashy at hotmail dot com

There are currently 98 brush/texture sets in this journal.
Other Resources I recommend:

77words,awmp, cauldroncake, colorfilter, colortone, damnicons, dearest, loveicon, ohfreckle

I post RL things here.
I post icon things here.

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ewan-ism: (noun) the religion that worships the gorgeousness of Ewan McGregor :)

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